Teach English in Prague: Five Great Reasons

Want adventure? Want an exciting change? Want to live in the coolest city in Europe? TEFL Our%20Tours%20and%20outdoor%20events%2006
instructor Mark Pickering explains why you should enrol on a TEFL course at Spevacek LiveTEFL.

“When I first came here in 2009, Prague was a beautiful but rather static city, seemingly only full of smoky pubs and shops where you could buy radish. Fast-forward 7 years, and the city has transformed into a trendy hub, boasting incredible craft pubs, great farmers markets, vinyl shacks, outdoor drinking spots, and has quite possibly, the most amount of hipster beards in Europe per square inch.” Read more.


Spring has Sprung!

bridges, Prague, Czech Republic

bridges, Prague, Czech Republic

Sun, flowers and higher temperatures are here. A lot of events is going on in Prague during this season. Dalice is highlighting a few of them. So check it out.

“It’s well known that the weather in Prague, whether it’s raining or snowing, sunny or windy, will not deter people from getting out and about and enjoying all the city has to offer. But after months of dealing with the winter cold, it’s time to remove a layer or two and enjoy the spring. As always, Prague has much to enjoy.” Read more

Want a decent NY’s resolution? Start a TEFL course

let's celebrate

Take up zumba? Become a vegan? Nah, sign up to Spěváček ‘s TEFL course in Prague to really enhance your life, recommends Mark Pickering

“New Year’s Resolutions. Ah yes. Those inherently evil, often laughable, self-assertions made on 1st January when your head is swimming with rum and your life feels like a pitiful, slothful mess. Over the
years, I’ve made a tonne of them”
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Prague’s Autumn Splendour


Falling temperatures, shorter days, jackets instead of bikinis… but hey, don’t be depressed. There’s plenty to do in Prague in autumn. And Dalice has prepared an action-packed guide for you.
“It’s that wonderful time of year again when verdant turns to russet and gold. Yes, it’s autumn (or fall if you prefer), and autumn in Prague is wonderful.”  Read more

A typical teaching day

Drinking beer at work? And clients paying for you drinks? Mark Pickering is describing his typical day as an English teacher in Prague.

“Teaching English is a boring, mundane existence where each day dribbles lifelessly into one. That’s right, isn’t it? Well, actually no. Not at all. As an English language teacher in Prague, my days are full of intrigue, entertainment and above all, variety. That’s what makes it so hard to talk about a typical day.”  Read more

Prague Summer



Temperatures are up and that means only one thing… Summer comes to Prague. Dalice has prepared a short guide.


“Long days, warm nights and a huge range of cultural and sporting activities make Prague the ideal place to enjoy summertime in Europe.”  Read more