7 Deadly Sins of Teaching English (in the Czech Republic)

WRATHWant an easy life teaching English to Czech students? Keen to avoid embarrassment and potential disaster? Stay clear of these deadly pitfalls, says Mark Pickering

“There will be occasions when you’ll get angry as a teacher. Perhaps not with the giant CEO of a huge corporation who brings you free doughnuts each lesson. But with one or two students – probably teenagers – you’ll get rather irked. Maybe it’ll be with weird Tomas who spends the entire lesson on his mobile looking at pictures of animal poo. Or perhaps with dopey Lenka, who, after three dozen explanations still can’t tell you what the word ‘dog’ means. But you have to be calm. Do not shout, and even though you may be tempted, definitely do not perform a 100-hand slap to the student’s face.” Read more


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